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See our guide on how to find out which WordPress theme a site is wordpress optimization using. Note that this process will differ slightly based on how you intend on using affiliate links in WordPress. Google can execute some Ajax, but no-one knows how it will treat links brought in via Ajax.

For any plugin that is flagged, your developer can determine whether you can replace the plugin with an alternative option that is PHP 7 compatible. With the support of the plugin library and keeping these plugins updated, you’re able to do advanced digital work with minimal effort – that’s a win for everybody! We recommend keeping it simple.

  • An image
  • Make sure your ISP meets the minimum WordPress requirements. That’s no problem with Hostgator
  • Load time – 640 ms
  • Media from FTP
  • Connect multiple sites with just one membership license key
  • Radius search
  • With Docker, we don’t need to install anything locally (apart from Docker itself)

If you need help, then see our guide on how to use FTP to upload WordPress files. For more details, see our guide on how to create a child theme in WordPress and how to install a child theme in WordPress. This makes it a bit confusing for beginners to choose the perfect theme for their website.

You’ll also need to make sure only PHP 7.3 plugins are installed going forward on your website by your development team, or you could have future breakage & issues. The majority of hosting platforms for WordPress sites like WP Engine are requiring websites to upgrade to PHP 7.3 and moving sites to a PHP 7.3 server by a certain date.

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